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2 mix of natural laxer

1 argan hair oil Natural-Laxer

2 Natural Rose Water Laxer 2oz

1 Moist Max 2oz shampoo infused with argan oil

1 Max Moist Conditioner 2oz infused with argan oil

NATURAL-LAXER LIQUID GOLD KIT, designed with dry or very dry hair, contains in mind maximum moisturizing ingredient ingredients with argan oil known as "LIQUID GOLD".

The new MAX MOIST SHAMPOO & MAX MOIST CONDITIONER shampoos are infused with argan oil, paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride.

Natural-Laxer HAIR OIL, which contains the highest argan oil content in Africa, must be added to Natural-Laxer for a completely moisturizing treatment for the Natural-Laxer Hair spa.

For daily hydration maintenance, add "VITALMIST INFUSION" to your purchase.

Add "VITALMIST" to your purchase for a moisturizing detergent treatment without rinsing.

Maintenance, after and between Natural-Laxer applications.

You'll love the BAKA HAIR BUTTER infused with argan, almond and avocado oils, blend in your hair, fight dry hair and scalp THERAPY without rinsing damaged hair stops breakage and repairs and REMEDY the conditioner and moisturizer without rinsing

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