Baka Beautiful Laxer Mix

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Baka Beautiful Laxer Mix (Treatment from Ancient Egypt)

Natural softener with multiple herbal virtues from organic farming and Sahara clay, deeply cleanses the skin and regenerates it without defect

Baka Beautiful Laxer Mix is ​​a healing powder, a blend of Sahara clay and detoxifying, purifying, nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing, regulating, soothing, stimulating, (22 functions) plants for the skin and scalp


Use Baka BeautIful Laxer Mix on Natural Hair

This powder cleans and moisturizes natural hair by softening it.

Preparation of the mixture

1. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil or avocado and argan oil to the natural-Laxer mixture.

2. Mix Natural-Laxer Mix with 100ml (2 OZ) of pre-measured Baka Beauty Rose Water

3. Smooth the dough by mixing everything harmoniously until a homogeneous cream is obtained.

Hair preparation

1. Wash your hair with Baka Beautiful Silk Protein Shampoo and dry with a cotton towel (short threads)

2. Separate your hair into four parts using a comb with a tail

3. Cover your shoulders

Application of the mixture

1. With a tinted brush or hands with gloves, apply Natural-Laxer Blend, start at the nape of the neck and glue your hair back and forth, line by line.

2. Massage and smooth the product on the hair without pulling

3. Apply a plastic cap on your head to keep your hair moist.

4. Apply the thermal heat heading to the warm setting for 1 hour for natural hair (at 30 minutes for natural permed hair) or if no heat cap is available, leave for 90 minutes at 3 o'clock.

Do not use a hair dryer as a source of heat

5. Rinse with warm water to remove all the product from your hair.

6. Take a little moisturizing shampoo with Baka Proteins or Max Moist Argan shampoo to add some water or a mild moisturizing shampoo

7. Wash your hair cleanly

8. Condition instantly with Silk Protein Conditioner or Max Moist Argan Conditioner from Baka wait 15 minutes and rinse cleanly.

9. Add Baka Beautiful Hair Moisturizer Pomade for example and Style

You're ready!

Best Results:

Initial 3 applications, 1 application each 7 to 10 days

Suggested Maintenance: 1 Natural -LAXER MIX application per month (1 time per month)

Maintennace Products: Vitamist Infusion, Baka Hair Butter, Natural- Laxer Argan Oil, Remedy Serum, Smoothee Balm

Unsuded portions may be applied for a 10 minutes facial or stored by pouring off excess water and storing in a Refrigerator.

Re-use later by adding Rose or hot water

Sensitive test recommended for herb allergies.

Apply small amount to inner elbow,
For 15 minutes, rinse off, if no skin irritation appears, use product.

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Baka Beautiful Laxer Mix